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What is Kprobe?

K-probe/Kprobe is a liteon testing tool or a DVD Media Quality Testing Software that can be used by Lite-On DVD Burners on the PC. The program produces K-probe Scans that show the PI (Parity Inner) and the PIF / PO (Parity Outer) of the DVD Media, which in turn shows the quality of the dvd media. CI/CO errors that Kprobe reads are for CD Media. The latest Kprobe is Kprobe2 and you can download the FREE program here Kprobe2, which has a "Check Update" feature that you can be used to upgrade to the latest version of Kprobe / K-probe / Kprobe2

Why is Kprobe / K-Probe useful to you?

When you buy DVD Media you can quality test the stability of any DVD Media to determine if the media is any good after you burn them. The better the results (lower error rates) you have in Kprobe / K-probe, means that your discs will last longer and have a smaller chance of decay over time. Once you find the DVD Media that is good, stick with them. Use the media code of the DVD media to keep track of the DVD media that you love. You can find out the media code ID of your DVD Media by using a program such as DVD Identifier to read the media code. Kprobe also includes the BitSetting Booktype Utility that can give your DVD+R/+RW Media a greater compatibility with older DVD Players and Game Consoles (Xbox, PS2). You can find how to change the booktype or bitsetting at our Kprobe Bitsetting How To Guide or our BenQ, LG, LITE-ON, Nu Tech/QSI and Ricoh Burners: Bitsetting How To Guide .

Recommended Kprobe / K-probe Settings To Use?:

This is by no means a kprobe manual to follow, just a general recommendation. Use the default ECC PI sum 8 and PO(PIF) sum of 1. The testing scan speed should be at 4X CLV (Constant Linear Velocity).

Need Kprobe Help? General Rule Of Thumb on Kprobe Usage:

Use only a DVD Burner (Lite-On Branded/Rebadged i.e Sony) to get true results, rather than just a Liteon DVD-ROM or Combo Drive. PI below 280 and PO (PIF) below 4 are good. High single spikes that exceeds 4 PO are normal. When there are some single spikes above this, is still normal. Your goal is to just get the file to be read by your destination hardware (DVD player, DVD ROM, etc). A good rule is to do a transfer rate test with Nero CD-DVD Speed and see if there are any slow downs during the read.

Kprobe / K-Probe limitations?

There are other problems such as jitter, disc reflectivity, tracking errors, and more that can and will affect the readability of a DVD disc Kprobe and other testing equipment just cannot find these problems.

Kprobe Alternatives?

If you don't have a Lite On Burner, there are many other free software that you can use to check the PI and PIF's of the DVD that you burned. Kprobe Alternatives are available for burners such as BenQ, Memorex, BTC, MSI, NU Tech, Philips, Plextor, Ricoh, Sony, Teac, and Toshiba.
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Kprobe Results kprobe scans
Media Code: FUJIFILM03

Media Code: TTG02

Media Code: MCC003

Media Code: Mcc02rg20

Media Code: Ricohjpnr02

Media Code: PRODISCF02

Kprobe Results kprobe scans
Media Code: MCC003
Media Code: RitekG05
Media Code: Mcc02rg20
Media Code: Ricohjpnr02
Media Code: PRODISCR03
Media Code: YUDEN000T02
Media Code: CMCMAGE01
Media Code: CMCMAGAE1
More K-probe Resultskprobe results kprobe scans
Media Code: PRODISCF02
Media Code: ritekd01
Media Code: TYG02
Media Code: YUDEN000T01
Media Code: daxonaz2
Media Code: DKMZ01
Media Code: EMDPAZ01000
Media Code: GSC003
Media Code: TTG02
Media Code: FUJIFILM03
Media Code: TTG02
Media Code: TTG02

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